Member Benefits

Membership to the Wharton Club of the Middle East offers you the following benefits:
• Access to events available only to members
  - Social events, including regular lunches/dinners
  - Discounts on professional events hosted by the Club

• Access to the job postings on the club website

• Access to forums and discussion boards available only to members  

• Newsletter with updates on events and on the Wharton Community in the Middle East

• Connection to other members of the Wharton Club of the Middle East through the online directory

In addition, membership fees and contributions enable us to deliver the following:

• Maintain the Club website
• Organize social, cultural and professional events
• Support in the brand building for Wharton in the Middle East
• Welcome and support Wharton Graduates moving to the Middle East
• Support Wharton admissions' events in the Middle East

For more information, please contact us at

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