President's Message



Dear Wharton Alumni,  

Wharton Club of the Middle East was established by Wharton alumni to connect, learn and share together. It has brought Wharton to the Middle East and provided value to the alumni community.  The club’s mission continues to revolve around the following themes:

  • Maximize engagement within the Wharton community
  • Develop a closely knit professional community
  • Support the school in educational and professional events
  • Reinforce the Wharton brand in the region

We accomplish this through organizing and supporting quality social, professional, and educational events in the region. The Club's officers are committed to increase the value the club offers you. We encourage everyone who is affiliated with the Wharton School and the Middle East to join the club and participate in its offering. In the spirit of Wharton entrepreneurship, we continue to encourage members to volunteer and provide value to our community. Come and enjoy the professional and social events that the Club will host. 
Best Regards
Mazen Haffar, WG06 and Walid Mansour, WG10